Areas of Specialty

Chris Melmoth is a Holistic Manual Therapist trained in both Eastern and Western Assessment & Bodywork modalities. His primary work includes hands-on soft tissue mobilization and genuine energy work. In addition to being a licensed & board certified Massage Therapist, he is a certified as a Shiatsu-Anma Specialist, Craniosacral Therapist, B.E.S.T. Practitioner, Emergency Medical Technician, and BLS/First Aid Instructor.


"Chris knows exactly what I needed and he knows exactly what he specializes. I had an opportunity to be in Las Vegas and I had a amazing session with him. I had a pain in my left front thigh that was bothering for more than 2 months. He assessed the condition carefully and navigated his healing Chi successfully to affected sites and pressure points without wasting any time and effectively opened up the Chi blockages. I had a series of good pain during his session.  His every variety of the techniques are powerful and I felt they were  integrated so well to free my holding factors in both emotionally and physically. His concentration in the session is intense. I am free of pain now but I definitely want to have another wonderful experience of opening Chi." ​

-DoAnn T.K. LAc, PhD, OMD

“Chris is phenomenal. A truly talented body worker. He worked on my body weekly when I was dancing 10 shows a week with Cirque du Soleil. My body was a wreck in those days yet I was always a new person when I left his table - and those sessions were only 15 minutes long! He sees beyond what you tell him you need. He is intuitive and he responds to your body like a surfer must respond to the waves. Unfortunately, I moved and I have not seen Chris in over 5 years. My body still asks about him;-)!”

-Ivorie J.

“Energetic alignment, spiritual reset, shamanic purge yet somehow done in a gentle, caring and assuring way. Chris’s knowledge of pressure points and timing of application and release are so refined that it’s no wonder you feel so relieved, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world or go to sleep! I highly recommend Chris and though I don’t live in Las Vegas anymore, anytime I go back to visit, I always try to schedule a session with him. He’s a gift and will inspire health and strength in noticeable ways, immediately and in the long run! Thank you Chris!!” 


“Chris helped guide me to take control over my anxiety. The session was very relaxing and I received the best bit of advice-  "go eat a lot of butter sandwiches" I did eat a lot of butter sandwiches from there on out and it worked! Thank you Chris for your guidance!”

-Carrie S. 

“Chris has been working on myself and my athletes for over four years now. When I first met him, my back was so tight that I could barely move. After an orthopedic surgeon told me in order to avoid back surgery I would have to make my abdominal muscles very strong I took him seriously. A five minute plank became standard. When I saw Chris for the first time he told me that the muscles around my back felt like they were glued to my spine. I had indeed got my core incredibly strong, but I had very limited mobility in my back. I could not tilt my head back without pain going down my legs or twist my torso. After a month of working with Chris one time a week it was life-changing. I have much more mobility and I’m able to do activities I thought I would never do again. I still have back problems, and deal with them on a daily basis, however I am much more mobile. The athletes at Brown’s Gymnastics have truly benefited from Chris’s work. He is able to diagnose their injuries quickly and effectively and determine whether they need to see a doctor or just rest. He has a very gentle way about him and all of his clients feel very comfortable with him, even young children. There is always a mom in the room whenever Chris is working on the child. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone for muscle care. He has change my life as he has many athletes and people around the valley. Thanks Chris!”

-Dayna W.

“Chris is the guy! His ability to respond to the body’s specific needs of the moment in an efficient, creative, and adequate way while taking into account the emotional & psychological aspects around it is a rare gift. Thank you, Chris!

-Anne C. 

“I have been a devout client of Chris’ for over 15 years and have referred all my friends, family and clients to him.  I am very difficult to please when it comes to massage/body work and I can say Chris is the best.  Not only have I learned from him Over the years but I have had wonderful benefits from his techniques. No other healthcare practitioner has helped me like Chris has.  His energetic body work has been beneficial to me, not only physically but emotionally.  His work is significant and I hope others have the opportunity to experience it as I have.”

-Misty N.  

“Just to give some weight to my testimony, I have been a professional ballet and contemporary dancer with over 25 years of experience.  I have worked with Cirque du Soleil, Dragone and many other productions, shows and dance companies.  In this 25 years, I have been treated by numerous RMT’s, and by far, I can attest that Chris is my number one go to person for body work.  He has an extensive knowledge of the body and its mechanisms.  In addition, he is also well versed in energetic work, nutrition, healthy living and the mind-body connection.  He can tailor fit his work to what you need.  He is very generous with his knowledge and his treatments are with real care for my well-being.”

-Caroline S. 

“My husband and I cannot sing the praises of Chris Melmoth enough! I would highly encourage any individual to seek treatment with Chris. Chris not only helped treat—but heal—a painful ankle issue for my husband, he helped me address and heal severe (& excruciatingly painful) hip and wrist issues. I had seen several different medical doctors for opinions on my hip issue, and with several consistent visits to Chris, the issue improved 80%. The wrist issue he was able to completely resolve within two visits (issue has yet to return now years later). I would highly encourage anyone to visit Chris for treatment given his breadth and depth of knowledge on the body, muscles, movement, energy and functionally. As Chris is a professional always thirsting for knowledge I always walk away from a session with him having learned something new about the body, my issue or functional movement. Chris is a professional, a nice human and easy to work with. I continue to encourage family and friends to visit him for treatment!“

-Nicole H.